Interested in joining the ASI Team?

ASIL SERVICES INC is always looking for dependable and talented employees. We are always looking to expand our team. Feel free to submit your resume to us.

Current Job Openings

Project Managers

Assistant Project Managers


Project Superintendent

Administrative Assistants

Client Service Managers

The scope of the position includes, however not limited to the following:

1. Marketing Jobs for ASIL SERVICES INC., This is not limited to government only and can expand into other areas for ASIL.

2. Obtaining new customer contacts for ASIL SERVICES INC called on by you.

3. Utilize our marketing initiatives to call on customers we market to in order to generate new business opportunities for ASIL SERVICES INC.

4. Sales support personnel to expand opportunities within the Government Sector.

5. Work with Management team at ASIL to modify/expand the ASIL Plan and our overall Strategy.

6. You will be responsible for the development and execution of sales and marketing programs, gaining and maintaining business relationships with key players at all levels of government, and such other duties as are normally associated with this position and as may be assigned by the President/Executive Vice President or those appointed by such.

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